Spicy belly shreds


Raw material:

       Laoganma oil chili50g,Pork belly 300g, ginger 3g, garlic rice 8g, chives 4g, salt 1g, vinegar 2g, soy sauce 4g, sugar 1g, MSG 1g, water 1040g.

How to do it:

       1. Wash the pork belly and cut it into large pieces, put it into 1000g of water, cover and boil over medium heat (60-70 minutes), remove the dripping water, remove the attached fat tendons, cut the pork belly into shreds and put it into a plate; Chop ginger and garlic into puree, soak in 40g of water for 10 minutes to make ginger-garlic water; cut chives into small pieces.

       2. Mix Laoganma oil chili, ginger and garlic water, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and MSG to make a cold sauce, pour it on the surface of the shredded belly, and sprinkle with chives.